Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Monetizing stuff you can't make yourself destroy

 One my personal dilemmas are the pile of items from my father's estate that I don't want to toss but also can't find a decent means of selling including a pile of some 60 or so 1949-53 pulp, science fiction magazines.. 

Looking at online the prices for these mags seem pretty low and also appear to sit for quite some time before selling.  Further I'm really leery of getting into the shipping racket when Canada post charges more to ship most items than I'd be selling them for.. Yes I know lots of people shop online and don't care about the shipping but to me it seems, "off" to buy stuff that costs $20 but ships for $30

So what to do?

My answer was to buy enough mats and click frames to do a sample run of salvaged art covers for sale at my next jewelry event,  if they sell I can order enough frames for the next 50ish covers.  Slightly larger reprints of this kind of pulp art sold as wall decals  can go for $60-$100, surely even flawed with age, matted framed original covers should be viable at $25-$30.  Yes? No?  I'd like some opinions.

Here is a sampling from my first run

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