Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Acrylic pour, new product, new risk.

Acrylic pour paintings and jewelry are the newest addition to my portfolio as I prep for this years fall/xmas craft shows.  I consider this product as a huge risk as I need to have a good selection of pieces for a show but I have no idea if the market will bare what I think I must charge for them.

A single painting 10x10 
$2-3 for canvass
4oz of paint and pouring medium at about $2/oz  = $8
mounting/hanging hardware  $2

MISC materials $3 
disposable cups for pouring
craft sticks
silicon oil
nitrite gloves

cleaning materials

so at least $15 just to produce a painting before the added the cost of sales, ie renting booths at craft shows for up to $100 per day, advertising, travel, and of course my time which most customers totally discount.

Total selling $40  price for a 10x10,  there are however sizes bigger and smaller which are prices to scale.
Don't know if it will fly but if I want to keep doing it this is what is required. 
Anyways have a look at a sampling of my work

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